fot. Tomasz Wiech

Janusz Bielecki – a composer, promoter and sponsor of art, creator of solo, chamber and symphonic music. His works are included in the repertoire of acknowledged artists and prestigious concert halls in Poland and abroad (for instance, Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona,  Großer Saal Musikverein in Vienna and Sydney Opera House).

His debut on the music scene was as a composer and performer – with the ‘Rozterka’  album containing atmospheric piano pieces. Soon enough albums  abundant with emotional music were released: ‘Żądze’ (Desires) for chamber orchestra and ‘Żądze’ for symphonic orchestra, ‘Lustra’ (Mirrors), a composition which combines classical music and jazz, ‘Sekrety’ (Secrets), a suite for the piano and symphonic orchestra, where in consequent parts we find the fortune of the human beings,   from birth to the dusk of their existence, ‘Zegary’ (Clocks) – a piece for the piano and symphonic orchestra which is the reflection on the time passing by.

In 2012 Janusz Bielecki composed virtuoso pieces: ‘Kolory lata’ (Summer colours), for the solo flute, piano and orchestra, and ‘Concertino’ for the flute or solo clarinet, string orchestra, piano and percussion instruments. In April 2013 at the Shanghai Opera there was the world premiere of the ‘Melancholy’ piece written for the violin and orchestra. Janusz Bielecki’s newest music pieces include: a four-part ‘Symphony of Senses’, maintained in the film music convention and composed for large symphonic participation, ‘Dancing miniatures’, maintained in light and whimsical style, classicizing ‘Concerto for two flutes and string orchestra’, ‘Sonata Libera’ for the flute and organs, referring to the choral legacy and ‘Passacaglia’, a composition referring to the classics of this genre present in the works of J. S. Bach and G. F. Händel.

Janusz Bielecki, in just a few years, has found his place among leading Polish artists – promoters and sponsors combining art and business. He promotes young, talented artists and inspires original artistic endeavours. He established Bielecki Art Foundation /, supporting musically gifted youth. He also came up with the idea of the international contest and festival: Screen & Sound Fest. – Let’s see the music /

In Janusz Bielecki’s compositions one can find inspirations with the works of Chopin, Schuman or B. Bartók. His musical pieces are the contemporary recording of the abundance of human emotions. They are filled with the composer’s unusual sensitivity to multiple colours of the world of the feelings, which links them with Romantic ideals.